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Welcome to School of Business Administration

The development of science and technology and business are closely linked. Through management innovation, entrepreneurs and managers create business opportunities and realize economic value from technologies. The mission of the UNIST School of Business Administration (SBA) is to educate and develop leaders and enterprise builders, who create new wealth by integrating science & technology with business management. The academic curriculum of the School is specifically tailored to accomplish this mission by offering focus courses in critical-thinking, data analytics, and entrepreneurship as well as a variety of courses in conventional management. Through our rigorous and contemporary curriculum, students will build a strong theoretical foundation and gain the agility to pursue myriad options on the path to becoming influential leaders and business champions, who will create a better world.


The School of Business Administration boasts faculty members who have obtained doctoral degrees from prominent institutions. Their courses enable students to acquire expert business knowledge by emphasizing individual, experiential, and team-based learning. Specifically, by offering courses taught in English, students develop the confidence to effectively communicate their ideas in the international language of commerce. With the smallest faculty-student ratio in South Korea, research and education are more personalized, relevant, and forward-thinking, and collaborations between faculty and students are more productive.


Our students can enjoy various benefits, to wit: 1) receive world-class education; 2) participate in research with faculty members; 3) study abroad; 4) sign-up for practice-based or research-based internship programs; 5) receive scholarship for almost all students; and 6) live in dormitory complexes. The School of Business Administration provides a transformational experience, enabling students to realize their full potential.


In 2018, the UNIST SBA received AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business) International Accreditation, which means that our programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels have proven to be among the top 5 percent in business education worldwide. We hope that all young people who dream of becoming a global leader in the field of research or practice in cutting-edge new industries can join the UNIST SBA to leap together.


Young Rok Choi, Ph.D.
Chair & Professor
School of Business Administration