Research Area

Technology Management

기술경영의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Young Rok Choi Academic entrepreneurship, Technological innovation Strategy
Seungryul Ryan Shin Technology Management, Data Science, Economics of Innovation, Causal Inference
Victoria Kim Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Organization and Innovation

조직이론의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Young-Choon Kim Organization learning and collaboration, Innovation process, Digital transformation, Green transformation, Social networks


경제학의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Keunsuk Chung Applied Macroeconomics, Open Macroeconomics, Economic growth, Housing Markets
Saiah Lee Macro and Monetary Economics, International Economics, Applied Time-Series

Human Resource Management

인적자원관리의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Zhang Lu Diversity, Leadership, Team Dynamics


재무의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Hyun Jin Jang Financial Risk Management, Quantitative Methods in Finance, Derivatives
Hope Hyeun Han Behavioral Asset Pricing, Investments, Corporate Events in behavioral perspective
Sang-Ook (Simon) Shin Asset Pricing Theory/Empirical, Financial Markets(Stock and Bond), Financial Intermediation, Ambiguity


회계의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Jeong Hwan Joo The role of Accounting Information in the Capital Market, Corporate Governance, Incentives


금융공학의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Byoung Ki Seo Financial Engineering, Market Microstructure, International Energy Trading, Blockchain Technology


마케팅의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Molan Kim Digital marketing, Database Marketing, ESG, Metaverse Marketing
MinChung Kim Marketing Strategy, Firm Value, Financial Performance, R&D, Advertising, CSR
Kee Yeun Lee Choice Modeling, Bayesian Econometrics, Customer Relationship Management, Database Marketing

MIS(Management Information System)

경영정보의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Yeolib Kim Information Technology Adoption, E-commerce, Research Methods

SCM(Supply Chain Management)

교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research

Emeritus Professor

명예교수의 교수, 연구 정보
Professor Research
Kooyul Jung Accounting Information and capital market, Analysts’ Forecast, Governance
Jinhyuck Im Management information system